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Smart Solutions

Nothing complements automated lighting like stylish shutters, shades and awnings. Having the shades automatically raise or lower with help of Lutron or Control4 creates the perfect mood, whether you want natural light during the day or privacy at night.

Whether you already have rolling shutters installed or are looking to install a new system to your home or business, any shutter system can be automated.

You can operate all your shutters with the push of a button eliminating the need to walk around and close them individually. With obstacle detection, you can rest assured that the motor will stop automatically if obstacles are detected. ​

And with a motor control installed, the rolling shutters resists manually lifting which increasing the safety of the shutters.

So whether you are installing a new shade and shutter system or wanting to retrofit your existing system, TD Sat & Sound has an automated solution to fit your needs.

Beyond impacting your heating and cooling costs, sunlight can fade and damage carpeting, artwork and other items in your home.

Automated window treatments are the perfect way to protect against this, letting in natural lighting to brighten and warm the room when you want, and blocking it out when you don’t! Shades can raise and lower with a button press, or reposition themselves automatically at specific times of day; fully open for maximum light in the morning, lower to half-way to block out some heat in the afternoon, and fully closed for privacy in the evening!

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