Smart Lighting

Smart Light Control

Control 4 & Lutron Lighting Solutions

Smart lighting adds elegance, ambiance, convenience and energy efficiency to your home.

Various control systems are utilized in this residential extension of building automation. Minimize you energy usage by employing dimming, motion sensors, daylight sensors and occupancy sensors.

Easily create lighting scenes that capture different moods with a single button press; light up your home for a party, have just the outside lights on at night, or create pathways of light to certain rooms.

As part of an automation system, your lighting can automatically respond to certain times of the day such as sunrise or sunset, making sure that lights are exactly how you want them every day of the year!

TD Sat & Sound installs a variety of lighting control systems from Lutron and Control 4, many of which can be easily installed in existing homes.

Read more about our Control4 Lighting and Lutron Lighting solutions.

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