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Existing homes sometime offer unique challenges for some home improvements – such as upgrading or adding a new audio/video or automation system. The good news is, TD Sat & Sound’s professional team of installers can always find a way to retrofit new technology into your existing home!

Home improvements do get tricky sometimes. However, weather through cavity walls or false ceiling, fishing wiring under carpeting or behind baseboards and crown molding, our installers know all of the tricks! So rest assured, we have the tools needed to pull off what many of our customers have described as “magic.”

Additionally, we stay on top of new technologies that allow sending signals throughout a home without running any new wiring at all. Home automation without chasing walls and pulling cables – ideal for renovation projects and retrofitting.

It is now possible to install a high quality and intelligent automation system with wireless components,which leaves almost nothing to be desired. Be it is the control of a heating circuit with a wireless valve actuator, or the automation of your blinds with wireless switching actuators.

Imagine you require an extra light switch in your house after rearranging a room. If there is no blind cable in the wall, then this venture can quickly turn into a major project. You have to drill holes, chase out walls, lift floorboards, pull cables...

However, a wireless switch you can simply stick to the wall and configure it to do what ever you require. Your system can therefore be extended without any problems. Especially in old buildings with solid brick walls this does not only save time, but also money and keeps you from losing your nerve.

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