Home Automation

What Is Home Automation?

It's Anything you want it to be.

In the present day there is a lot of demand for Smart Home systems (domotics) and it is becoming popular as a smart choice for people who value their time, convenience and comfort. As we are witnessing more and more digital technology being integrated into our lives (Sonos, Nest, Yale, Samsung, Google, Apple, etc), smart homes are no longer being looked at as something unattainable or a thing of the future.

Smart Home Systems (also known as home automation systems) let you manage your home whether you’re actually at home or not. This means you can turn alarms on or off from your smartphone, or control multiple audio and video devices with one button.

If you want something less hands-on, you can easily set timers to turn lights on or off, turn the temperature up or down or virtually anything else you can think of.

For instance – imagine arriving home every evening to complete comfort.

The thermostat has already been adjusted to complement the cool night temperatures perfectly.

You sit down and touch one button on an advanced remote that turns on your TV, activates your favorite channel or starts your preferred audio preset on your surround sound system.
Fully automated. Truly amazing.

Sounds complicated? Expensive? Not worth the bother?

Not necessarily. We proudly feature Control 4 Smart Home System, the complete solution to ensure that there is a perfect control alternative for every job and budget.

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